Producer wanted for low budget feature length film

"Everyone wants to be the director’s friend and wants the producer to pay for the drinks." - Anonymous Producer

Producers are like gold. They shouldn't just receive the Oscar for best film they should be given medals as well. The tasks they complete, the tenacity they show, and the strength with which they defend other peoples creative work is extraordinary. I was one, and frankly I wasn't able to succeed.

After eight years living on a mountain in a tent in Big Sur honing my writing chops I am ready to make my first low budget feature length film.

I'm looking for a producer in the traditional sense (i.e. not just involved in line production but also in development and casting). I'm also looking for a producer who will be committed to any festival, market or theatrical release as well. In short, an all encompassing old school film producer.

This is a quality professional project budgeted at around £1.4-1.6m. It does not require a bondable producer, but obviously this would be preferable.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more.


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