Seeking a collaboration with a web developer on an web-art project

We created an audio documentary for the Topatopia 2022 festival in Cambo (France) - a collection of testimonies tackling a dozen questions (what is sound? what drives you? do we have the choice?...) and presented in the form of an installation in a yurt. The editing (two hours broadcasted in loop) was conceived without a beginning and without an end, the public could enter and leave freely.

Today we would to transcribe this experience online by creating a web page with an audio player synchronised to a clock: the soundtrack would start at midnight, 2am, 4am etc.
It would be compatible with all search engines and on mobile.

We can take care of the hosting costs but unfortunately we have no budget for the development (other than a small symbolic contribution from our own pocket).

We are therefore looking for a student interested in our approach and willing to take up this technical challenge with us. The person will be credited in all the places where the project will appear.


  • Hi, I have a rich experience in web development.
    To know more about me, please have a look at
    Can we have a video call to discuss more about it?
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    All the best, David.

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