Shameless self-promotion for Design Critique side project. Costs less than a hamburger adds

I have always loved helping to share my design know-how and brainstorming about UX, UI, and strategy.

Turned this into a small "non-profit"* side hustle to promote good design in X. But why just in X?

Get your design critiqued:

I don´t want to criticize always but I see a lot of websites that could be better in terms of design, with clearer messages and convert more.

I like design and I want to make the world a place with better design. I also know design matters a lot in business success.

For who?

Designers. Ask for feedback to your personal or client project. Another set of eyes could add a lot of value.

Founders, marketers, agency owners. Maybe you want someone to review designs and give another third-party view. Someone who has nothing to gain.

What you can get?

You will get a Figma screenshot of your website or app or whatever you need feedback for.
I will add comments about design, user experience, and strategy. Say what I think could be improved or help you to discover another angle.

After that, you don´t need to do anything. But you could try to make those suggested updates and see if it improves things.

Happy to hear your feedback also 🙏
Do you think this service has a point? Is there anything you think is done wrong or missing?

* by non-profit I mean it costs 7€ at first. I will raise prices soon and based on demand but clearly it's a hobby service. :)
Business wise I wouldn´t advise anyone to do this kind of dumping as it actually takes time to offer proper reviews and there is no way you can be profitable.


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