Where to start when looking for international work experience... Has anyone out there done it, if so, what was your experience?

My dream is to hop around the globe collaborating with progressive agencies, studios, and creatives.

I recognise the power of being in an unknown environment and the positive impact it has on my headspace, and effectivity, my work. Dropping all of your understandings at the door and embracing where you are, the people, the lingo, the culture. There is something empowering about this vulnerability that forces you to think in ways you may not have thought before.

Have you done it and if so, where did you start? How did things unfold from that point onwards?


  • @Billy Glow You're a good example of somebody who's maximised The Dots and established what works best for you.

    Pathing your own way – I rate that.
  • @Eddie Stuart No problem. All I can say is that I found The Dots most reliable to what I want. t's the place where I search for everything and start conversations. Beside it, LinkedIn is totally not my cup of tea. Instagram...I'm not good with it, so someone else is doing it for me.
    I am not sure if I can answer your question because I'm not and never been into working on site, I always been fighting to work for myself, not an agency.

  • Hey @Billy Glow thanks for sharing. It's great to hear you've been able to collaborate on desirable projects using The Dots. Interesting suggestion on seeking a mentor(s) – many benefits as you put it yourself. Have seen some sound advice on how to find mentors across the platform.

    I wonder if you know of any platforms/resources on where to find international agency experience?
  • I think what helped me is to work pro bono or on preferential conditions with people and projects I admire. I was looking for oppoirtunities on The Dots everyday. And selected those with the best fit and responded immediately. After some time you build trust. I would also suggest finding a mentors withing your interest fields, there are people who passed same way as we, and they would love to share their insights, they learn then as well.

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