While searching for event production jobs, I keep coming across a common skill requirement: “Multitasking."

Most people don’t know that multitasking is nearly impossible, while “task switching” is the norm. I’m not talking about walking and chewing gum at the same time. Try concentrating on to different concepts at the same time. Oh you can do it? Well you’re a unicorn! 
When most people attempt to multitask it leads to inefficiencies. Talk to anybody who lives with ADD (like myself) and the idea of multitasking is a curse. But I keep on seeing job descriptions that require “good multitaskers.”  Many industries are fast moving and encounter quick and last-minute changes. Most seasoned event production people understand this to be especially true. I prefer strategic planning, vigilance and follow-through as attributes, otherwise those “multiple tasks” will be left undone. #multitasking #jobsearching 


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