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Built for inquisitive, intrepid adults. By day, Camp Wildfire is a bustling adventure camp full of expeditions, bushcraft, artistry, engineering, and adventure. As darkness falls, the forest transforms into a glittering Wildfire of music and festivity. *****Winner of Best Small Festival***** UK Festival Awards 2016 "This is Utopia" - Vice “This will catch on!” - The Independent "I don’t think there’s anything else you want from a festival really. It’s a #rare, new event” - Noisey / Vice “There is a magic to be found in a field not far from you this summer, Camp Wildfire goes from wholesome daytime activities to nighttime parties”- Timeout “As the hours wore on, hand-made animal masks were donned, the bands struck up and people lived it fully in all five senses.” - The Telegraph *****Winner of Best New Festival***** AIF AWARDS 2015



Winner of Best Small Festival

UK Festival Awards


Winner of Best New Festival

AIF Awards

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