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I have been a graphic designer for 22 years and I'm unapologetically average at it. In the 1990's design wasn't a course in school so I took up art, on my first day at college my tutor told me she had never used a Mac before and on my mothers advice I skipped university. After two years of doing as little as possible in college I joined the 9 to 5 brigade. If I'm brutally honest, making things look pretty for a living look like the ultimate gig. Ideally I would have been a rock–star but without the patience to learn an instrument or the natural ability to sing I decided to join the real world. Fast forward a couple of decades and I have somehow gone from junior to mid–weight and senior to director. I have experienced the ecstasy of career defining projects and the agony of feeling utterly useless at something I thought came naturally. In my early days I craved knowledge but found none. I prayed for guidance and ended up lost. I held out for the support of experienced professionals but was left waiting so during lockdown I decided to launch Right Aligned, a series of online and physical events designed to empower people like you. Chris Sanders Founder