1% x SNOG: Hannah Diamond • Exchange • 04.03.20

  • Costanza C

In March of 2020, SNOG teamed up with 1% of one to bring Hannah Diamond to Exchange for a very special Bristol show during her 2020 tour. As part of the SNOG team, I worked on the conception, booking, ticketing, budgeting, promotion, artist liaison and on-the-ground management of the event. About the artist: Long term star of the PC Music world, Hannah Diamond has spent the past few years run off her feet mastering the pristine art of pop perfection whilst her photography career continues to grow from strength to strength, too; collaborating with label mates Charli XCX, SOPHIE and many more. She recently released her debut album 'Reflections', offering a gloriously melodramatic sound. No stranger to sadness, Diamond spent her darkest days transforming it all into a shimmering and immaculately crafted 10 track debut. On record, these are some of the most touching songs about fractured relationships you’ll hear in planet pop. It's Hannah Diamond through and through: soaring, skewed dance-pop production – mostly courtesy of A. G. Cook – paired with her frank, uncomplicated approach to songwriting. In many ways, that’s the universal beauty of a Hannah Diamond song; you know exactly what she’s singing about, and you’ve undoubtedly felt it too.