10 Reasons to Enter the BIMA Awards

  • Ant Boyle
1. A BIMA Award really means something
This year the BIMA Awards hit the grand old age of 33. As the UK’s longest standing digital awards, there’s a real aura and prestige in making the shortlist. And to win an award earmarks you or your organisation as an innovator, a leader or one to watch in the digital sector.   
2. Recognition for doing something exceptional in the past year
Good things done well are worth celebrating. Sure, there’s a lot to be said for the personal pride you can take in a well-delivered project. And everyone appreciates words of thanks from the client or the boss.
But external recognition from industry experts? It’s one thing to believe in what you’ve done; it’s quite another to have the best in the business tell you you’ve done something brilliant.
3. There’s now a category for you
Every year we aim to make the awards reflective of all the skills, roles and projects in the industry. Sometimes, given the speed at which digital moves, keeping up can be a bit of a challenge. But this year we’ve cast our net wider than ever.
So now, whatever emerging tech you’re involved with, however you’re using data, whoever you’re benefitting (your business, the industry or society) and however you’re using digital to transform your organisation, there’s a category for you.
You can find out more about the changes to this year’s categories here.
4. PR buzz
It’s not always easy to keep finding new things to tell the world. But make the shortlist, attend the event and maybe even win, and you’ve got a fantastic story to tell - across blogs, social, email and more - about where your project has taken you.
5. Increase business
It’s an immediate point of difference between you and everyone else. It’s an independent acknowledgement of your capability. It demonstrates that your product or service delivers what it claims.
For any prospective customer, the acclaim of a BIMA Award is a tough thing to ignore.
6. You’ve got a winning streak to maintain
If you were a winner last year then you’ve set yourself a challenge. Because winning once is amazing. But winning twice…?
7. You’ve got unfinished business
You were so close. You were robbed. You were gracious in defeat. You were just delighted to make the shortlist. But this year, it’s time to go one better…
8. Development
You can learn a lot from an awards entry. We’re not talking purely about the art of putting an entry together, although that’s a skill in its own right. Unpicking a project to uncover what you actually did and the difference you actually made can highlight areas for improvement that benefit the wider business. Overhaul your needs analysis. Improve your evidence gathering. Measure more, better or differently. They can all make a BIMA Award entry better. But they can make a pitch, project or review more effective too.
9. Staff morale
If you’ve won a BIMA Award, you’ll know the feeling. You walk a little taller. The smile’s a little broader. And, probable hangover aside, you feel top of the world. That’s a great feeling to be able to give your team.  
10. Take advantage of your freebie(s)
If you’re a BIMA Member you’re entitled to at least one free entry before early bird applications close on 29 March. Of course, you may want to enter several categories (and you can) but at the very least, don’t waste your free hit.

Enter the BIMA Awards now

Find full details of all of this year’s categories here, and make your entries here.
Questions? Ask them here: rachel@bima.co.uk