100 Years of Trailblazing

  • Zachariah Abraham

Disney value different cultures, they know that the magic is in our differences & when we see those differences on screen it is what provides us with that feeling of belonging & empowerment. Nothing proves this more than the unsung Disney icons of diversity from the 90’s & 00’s. These characters were proud of their adversities since before “diversity” was popular. They are Gen-Z’s very own trailblazers of inclusivity. I am required to introduce Gen-Z to their very own unsung icons of diversity with a campaign targeting the EMEA region + celebrate Disney’s 100 year anniversary.

My solution? Disney 100.

A campaign that ensures the impact these characters had on our lives & their contributions to representation on screen are never forgotten. a campaign with a visual identity that utilises a silhouette design to trigger the best kind of familiarity; nostalgia.