10PM zine issue 1, 2020, feminist zine

  • Saskia Maharanni
  • Lauren Elizabeth

In January, I envisioned 10pm zine as a platform for creatives to explore aspects of femininity through their work. To actually see it come to life is a gratifying experience. I think I underestimated how difficult it would be to juggle alongside uni and my personal life; having to set back deadline on numerous occasions, it was disheartening and frustrating to say the least. Nevertheless, all issues I've encountered have been learning curves, necessary for me to come across. I'm so glad to say that next week, myself and 10pm's brilliant editor, Lauren Bird, @launabylau will have our copies of 10pm issue one printed, with the following week after, having the website up and ready to sell what has been worked so hard on, not only by us, but the creators who submitted their work. I'm very excited for everyone to see all that's been accomplished. I've titled issue one as 'Our Reality' as a lot of the work surrounds the tough but beautiful reality of being a female. It would mean a lot if you could follow our Instagram: @10pmzine Thank you :)))


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