12 Natural Wonders

“Photographer Paul Giggle started this project in 2012 and is currently on his fifth series which was shot in England for the 2017 collection of ‘12 Natural Wonders’. This art project pays homage to the natural beauty of women in a pictorial study of mother nature and her glorious female form.”

Stylist: Josh Scacheri; Assistant Stylists: Misha Khanbabaee-Fard & Sana Awan; Hair: Diego Miranda; Makeup: Emily Sheffield; Photographer: Paul Giggle; Photographer’s Assistant: Bart Pajak; Videographer: Andreas Bertolotti; Models: Bo Bene, Bruna Miranda, Georgia Salamat, Francesca Cosh, Hellyda, Larissa Goldner, Olga Grbich, Lise, Teegan Dermek, Isabelle Wagstaff, Dayse Lima, Stacey Hannant.

Team Credits

Misha Khanbabaee-Fard

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Tanja Mrnjaus

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