14 Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice for Helping Other Women

In honor of International Women’s Day, we thought we’d ask some of our members for their best advice for helping women achieve and grow every day.

Question: What’s the best way for women entrepreneurs to help each other?

Introduce them to your inner circle

Introduce other female entrepreneurs to your customers, clients, and inner circle. Invite them to join you at your next event. When you help another woman expand, invariably you expand yourself. - Cheryl Ott, Hope Coach

Form real connections

I think the best way to help one another is by giving value. And by forming real connections that can develop into long lasting friendships. -Dana Schipper, SCP

Give free advice

Women are up against different challenges than men. We also manage differently. The women who have helped me the most, gave their time, and referred me to the right organizations. Chatting for a few minutes can make all the difference. - Alexandra Jona, BrandBarr

Be enthusiastic

Take the initiative, engage with other entrepreneurs. Smile, say hello, or even better, send an email to express your enthusiasm about another person's work. Powerful collaborations don't always begin with a targeted agenda. Sometimes all it takes is starting a natural and organic dialogue. - Hana Ayoub, Hana Ayoub Coaching

Offer your skills to one another

Don't just say you need to improve your marketing, show them how: send links, articles, and recommend people to follow. Most importantly, introduce them to someone new once a week to open their network. -Stefanie Amini, Gossip Media and Women in Wireless Israel

Share insights with each other

First, get to know ladiesgetpaid.com. Collaborate and share insight with each other, so we help build each other up.- Hillary Black, Kay & Black

Create community around a shared vision

Our real superpower as women, is the power of the purse. We influence nearly all purchasing decisions. Corporations, business partners, and the government need to remember that. By holding space for other women to succeed, create community around our shared visions and vulnerabilities, women entrepreneurs will not only build successful businesses, they will lead social change.

Hire more ‘woman power’

Hire more ‘woman power,’ instead of man power, for the same pay as men with equal skills. That's what I think! - Shamim Rajani, Genetech Solutions

Have a dialogue on and offline

Women's History Month is a perfect time to give social media shout-outs, and feature amazing women entrepreneurs in podcasts, blogs, articles and offline networking events. By having a constructive dialogue on and offline, women will know they are supported, and learn what works and what doesn’t.  Each one, teach one! - Kahshanna Evans, Kissing Lions Public Relations

Shift your mindset

Women entrepreneurs can help each other by being supportive while others rise. When I feel jealous, I shift my mindset. Mind-shifts are mood-shifts. They help us stay fluid and active in our own work, and more receptive to helping others. - Beth Tunis, SageExplorer

Find ways to collaborate

Work together, send referrals, find ways to collaborate, and give advice if you see something wrong.- Roxann Remekie, 37th St. Productions

Remember that ‘together we can’

I believe that “Together We Can” create change for women everywhere. Through community efforts and encouragement, we can bridge the current gender gap. Let’s show the world that women can support and empower each other. -Gigi Zhang, Night Owl Interactive

Give honest, direct feedback

The best way for women entrepreneurs to help each other is through a sense of community and honest, direct feedback. We're all facing some of the same challenges with growth, brand development, client interactions and lead generation. Being able to support each other in a non-judgmental way is the best way to create advancement and prosperity. - Dina Scherer, Modnitsa Styling

We all need a break

A person does not have to be mean to succeed in the business world. They need to be skilled, meet the right opportunities and get a break. If we all understood this, all women would be in a better place. Until then, I am going to mind my own business. (Pun intended!) - Dr. Janelle Simmons, Simmons Museum of Music

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