20 Pastel Color Palettes to Get the Rococo Art Look

Rococo styles and muted hues are making an elegant comeback. Elevate invitation and poster designs with the help of these 20 free pastel color combinations.

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Our 2019 Creative Trends Report identified a 160% increase in vintage romantic designs, in addition to a 1277% increase in damask searches. Designers of all disciplines are taking inspiration from the world renowned Late Baroque, or Rococo, period by injecting hints of pastel hues, decorative swirls, and asymmetrical forms. This increase in historical influence varies greatly from the more vivid and vibrant take on design, the Prism trend. Instead of neon and fully saturated hues, Rococo Romance focuses on sensual points of light and shadow, soft pastels, and ornaments.
Love one these color combinations? Be sure to pin it on your design mood board for inspiration later. Scroll to the bottom to get your free pastel swatch download so you can easily access all of these color palettes in any design application. If you’re using an image editing program, such as Shutterstock Editor, you can type out the six-digit hex codes on each palette.

1. Majestic Monet

Image via Everett – Art.

2. Victorian Decor

Inspired by Rococo Romance, one of our 2019 Creative Trends, this baroque-inspired graphic marries beige and cool muted hues. Use this complete palette for an effortless neutral wedding invitation design, or sprinkle in one of the swatches to tone down your design.
Image via InnaFelker.

3. Wedding Rose

Image via Sutasinee Anukul.

4. Rococo Room

This living room interior takes all stylistic cues from from the Rococo period. The pastel blues and pinks make this color palette easy on the eyes and versatile for any application.
Image via L Julia.
Image via Elena Schweitzer.

6. Cosmetic Glamor

A glamorous and alluring palette, this combination of colors takes inspiration from makeup palettes and high-fashion accessories. Pair a powder pink with a pastel blue, and extend the palette with tints and tones to create a chic and harmonious take on a pastel color scheme.
Image via Igeshiva Maria.

7. Liquid Marble

Image via CARACOLLA.

8. Lavish Landscape

Take inspiration from the light hues present in nature with this versatile color palette. Fully saturated greens, blues, and purples typically aren’t seen together due to their bold personality. When taken down a notch with the help of tints, these three hues bring forth a whimsical air.
Image via Feel good studio.

9. Floral Filigree

Image via CastecoDesign.

10. Textured Brush

Inspired by textured acrylic paint, this soothing palette combines opal blue, soft pink, dusty pink, and dusty blue for a creative take on a complementary color scheme. By extending a rather vivid scheme with tints and tones, this palette takes the intensity down a notch.
Image via Ekaterina Pinknettle.
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