2019 Indigo Design Award Ceremony in Malaga, Spain

Every year Indigo Design Award chooses a cutting-edge location to honor an entourage of only the best and brightest in graphic design. The aim is to reward those whose innovative ideas are changing the industry one pixelating proposal at a time— and this year, the talent and location did not disappoint.

On May 23rd Malaga, Spain, saw more action on its marble boulevards and sugar-sand beaches than ever before; here, the city center’s iconic Picasso Museum welcomed 85 winners from all over the world, as well as a jury of 32 trailblazers who have made timeless contributions to the realm of digital design. The panel included product designers, engineers, creative directors, type designers, art designers, professors, and other key players in the field.
From works encompassing the creative talent of nearly 50 countries, each judge reviewed the submissions and chose winners in several categories such as Graphic Design of the Year, Design for Social Change of the year, and Discovery of the Year, among many more. Indigo Design Award carefully considered raw talent dedicated to pushing the envelope in regards to creative self-expression, and in turn, winners were honored according to creativity, innovation, functionality, quality, and relevance to the topic at hand. Each participant received recognition on stage with either a trophy and certificate, as well as their winning works featured on the big screen. Drinks and tapas made for a memorable celebration and an excellent platform to mingle with other participates and rising figures in the realm of design.
Winners from all over the globe attended this year’s event, which countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, USA, UK, Hong Kong, Japan, and Italy. This year’s six main winners included Graphic Design of the Year: L’Atlante dell’Appennino, the Visual Agency, Italy; Digital Design of the Year: A Story About Trusts , Yoyo, the UK; Mobile Design of the Year: GROHE Ondus App, Grohe AG, Germany; Games Design of the Year: The Great C, Secret Location, Canada; Design for Social Change of the Year: The Industry- Mapping the Dutch Drug Economy – Submarine Channel, the Netherlands; and finally, for Discovery of the Year: Blue Whale Café, Savannah College of Art and Design, the United States.
To commence the evening, last year’s main winner of Website of the Year gave an insightful speech on how Indigo Design Award helped promote his future endeavors. Davide Colla of 150UP spoke of his experience:
“Bringing home the first award in a prestigious international competition was an honor that inspired us to look beyond and start a new journey,” he said. “For a small firm like 150UP, it was amazing to be in the company of such a respected group of honorees. Winning the gold prize at the 2018 Indigo Awards has proved to be an amazing opportunity to highlight our in-house talents while enlarging our network. It also brought us the chance to visit Tokyo and meet other creatives designers.”
Like 150UP and others to follow, winners of the prestigious awards are recognized on a global platform aimed to boost awareness for their work and add recognition to one’s repertoire. Exclusive bragging rights aside, Indigo Design Award is a great marketing tool as well as an honor to be recognized as a top digital or mobile designer. Our intention every year is to promote avant-garde designers who share the same passion for aesthetics, all under one roof, and all they have to do is show up and accept the accolade. 2019 Indigo Awards in Malaga, Spain, was a huge success, and we eagerly welcome a brand new year filled with blazing new talent.