20201 Creative CV

  • Harry Rose

About I am a tenacious and ambitious individual with a strong moral compass who lives and breathes creative content. With a background in the creative industry I have worked on global content led campaigns for brands (photography, video, editorial) in the capacity as a senior creative strategist / business development role, producer and photographers agent. Having launched two creative agencies in my career, I am never afraid of learning new skills to achieve the results needed. I have had to adapt and take on multidisciplinary roles in order for the companies I've worked at to be a success. With a proven track record of working on multi media campaigns from generating the initial creative idea to activation, I am passionate about delivering high quality work for clients and internal stakeholders. Outside of my professional career I am an award winning photographer that covers subject matter I am passionate about from climate change, mental health and LGBTQIA+ rights and representation. I also run an ethical and inclusive photography platform called Darwin Magazine.