25 Eye-Catching Neon Color Palettes to Wow Your Viewers

Discover a neon color palette for every occasion, from bold party invitations to dramatic website designs. Get these hex color codes for the best neon hues.

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Our 2019 Creative Trends Report identified a surge in bright hue designs, from the glowing neon lights of Yesterday’s Tomorrow to the dynamic rainbow spectrum in our Prism trend. In addition, we also found the most popular colors of the year: UFO Green, Plastic Pink, and Proton Purple. These intense hues hint at our tech-crazy society and love of all things energetic. Pastel and muted tones take the back seat this year as neon palettes own the color spotlight.
We drew inspiration for each of these neon color combinations from Shutterstock images, and each comes with universal hex codes that you can apply to anything from eye-catching web designs to vibrant party invitations. You can apply the entire palette to a design for an electrifying refresh, or tone down the vibrancy by applying a single hue as an accent.
Love one these color combos? Be sure to pin it on your design mood board for inspiration later. Scroll to the bottom to get your free neon swatch download so you can easily access all of these color palettes in any design application. If you’re using an image editing program, such as Shutterstock Editor, you can type out the six-digit hex codes on each palette.

1. Geometric Glow

Inspired by the Prism Trend, one of our 2019 Creative Trends, this geometric graphic is a dazzling take on popular rainbow-esque hues. Use this complete palette to instantly grab the viewer’s attention, or select a single neon hue to add a touch of contrast in your designs.
Image via Mia Stendal.

2. Neon Lights

Image via View Apart.

3. Psychedelic Pattern

Repetitive and swirled patterns create an experience that is both surreal and abstract. Our 2019 Hypnotic trend is sure to put your designs in a trance.
Image via Vlad_Nikon.

4. Vivid Ferns

Image via Indigo Photo Club.

5. Abstract Wall

This customizable template is available right here on Shutterstock Editor. Advertise a special event and make it unique by changing out the background and text.
Image via Suchota. Design inspired by this Shutterstock Editor template.

6. Colorful Cottage

Image via Sunwand24.

7. Cosmic Burst

As tech continues to reinvent the world, references to the digital realm dominate the creative space. These ever-changing advancements, from virtual reality to biometric scanning, are part of our Everyday Futurism trend.
Image via tomertu.

8. Pops of Pink

Image via Katya Havok.

9. Agave Glitch

Duotones, glitches, and synthwaves take us back to the dawn of digital age. Our Yesterday’s Tomorrow trend is a retro futuristic take on what we know as early tech.
Image via Kira_Yan.

10. Fluorescent Fish

Image via Ievgenii Meyer.
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