3D Solo Exhibition with Carolyn Oberst

  • Sharon Obuobi

A 3D immersive exhibition for NY-based artist Carolyn Oberst with 3D people for a human touch created by Oarbt.

Project Overview
Back Story Series is a solo exhibition of works by New York based Carolyn Oberst curated by Hannah Traore and presented in collaboration with the team at Oarbt. We designed a custom 3D space to match the vision of the curator and artist. To add a warm touch to the exhibition, 3D people were added to the space.
About the Exhibition
Carolyn Oberst invites you directly into her dreams through Back Story Series, an exhibition of eleven oil paintings, that create intricate visual poetry which is suggestive yet obliges the viewer to fill in the blanks. Inspired by the past, present, and future, Oberst allows the outside world to affect her, flow through her, and trickle onto the canvas.
About Carolyn Oberst
Carolyn Oberst is a pioneering interdisciplinary artist working across painting, drawing and mixed media. Originally from Philadelphia, Oberst lived in London and Southern Spain before permanently moving to New York City. With a background in photography and fashion, Oberst eventually trained her keen eye for composition on painting. She trained at the New York Studio School before studying at the Art Students League under Marshall Glasier. She began drawing and painting full-time during this period, beginning to exhibit her work in 1980. Oberst has exhibited her work in solo and group shows across New York City and the United States, and, internationally, in Seoul, S. Korea. Her work is held in numerous private collections.

To view the exhibition, click here: https://www.oarbt.com/exhibitions/5fcf77c1307c190033523649