4th year personal project

Factory Settings Inspired by the fast moving and dynamic setting of the automotive manufacturing industry, movement and detail within factories and machinery, circuit boards, wires and materials in a series of abstract drawings will be documented. Influenced by French artist Marijah Bac Cam and her perception of what surrounds her. Inspiring a series of site drawings; capturing the movement of the environment surroundings. Capturing both the order and disorder of factory life. Drawing work for ‘Factory Settings’ will include site drawings, line work, collage, digital drawings, shape investigation, exploring scale; working from A5-A1 to understand exactly what scale best encapsulates detail. Colour captured via site drawings through immediate interaction within the surroundings will also be developed within further drawing work. The challenge upon weaving will be translating the drawing work into a woven sample. Selecting appropriate yarns such as silk, nylon, lycra, mohair, mercerized cotton, viscose, monofilament, elastic and lambs wool that best deliver the detail from drawing work to sample. Figuring which yarns work together well to help create a ‘distorted’ fabric. Also capturing aspects of the machinery, circuit boards, wires and materials upon the woven fabric. Within the samples, the focus will be manipulating the yarn and woven structure to portray movement and distorted shape previously captured in the drawing work. A compilation of technical sketchbooks will be produced to capture the plan and detail of workshop activity, capturing relevant and successful information in which can be taken forward into final samples. Woven structures such as weft/warp distortion; warp face; seersucker; extra warp and elasticised/blistered double cloth will be the starting point for the woven samples, with complimentary sampling on the jacquard also. In regard to visualisations, digital as well as well as hand drawn visualisations will be approached. This process will be carried out throughout sampling. Recognising where on the body the sample will assemble as well as exploring the scale and placement in relation to the body. The aim for the end of the journey is to create a refined collection of woven fabrics suitable for luxurious womenswear brand.

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Megan Jane Ramsay

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