Yo Becky, welcome girl. We’ve been expecting you, talking about you, even discussed your future. Uhm yeah, not kidding. Ever since that Sorry tune came out, by some…artist- we’re bad with names, SORRY- we’re like OMG I want to meet Becky, ESPECIALLY if she’s got good hair!
We trust we’ll be blessed some day with the sweet encounter of your good hair, hehe we were kidding around here thinking “What if she’s like those girls with eyes so gorgeous that you get hypnotized instantly, don’t really see anything around them, you’re shot straight to heaven?” I actually think we thought about the eyes part so much because well, if someone’s gonna diss you in their worldwide video, they won’t be talking about your best assets, now will they Becky? (Better to be the eyes without a face, than the face without the eyes, do you like Billy Idol too Becky?)
So, you’ve got the hair, you’ve got the eyes, hey you even got swirling popularity though anonymous. All you need now is a good ol’ pair of jeans. We’re listing 5 best types of Jeans for the Beckys with the good hair, one for each occasion. Having just one will work, but having all of them, that’s just madness.
1. The Knee Cut Jeans. This is how stars are born. You’ll be showing your dancing moves like none other, the knee flexibility will allow it. See? Chic, badass AND functional! We’ve got your back girl.
2. The Mom Jeans. Hell yeah Becky! Go ahead and show them who their real baby mama is. And while you’re at it, make these jeans your own with cut out pockets.
3. The Colorful Jeans. If you’re the real slinky bitch, and we believe you are, this one’s for you. The jeans that are actually other than nuances of blue, they are actually colorful.
4. The Side Cut-Out Jeans. These ones we’re getting too.
5. And finally, the Jumpsuit. This jumpsuit is so bad that I think our baby HairPanic will actually kneel us to bankruptcy. Oh what the heck, we love fashion we love good hair and we enjoy spreading the love.
And if not one of these 5 best types of jeans works for you dear Becky, leave ’em all. Come join OUR party.
- http://hairpanic.com/2017/08/21/5-best-types-of-jeans-for-the-beckys-with-the-good-hair/ -

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