5 Signs you may need a Root Canal | Dr Puli Sudhakar Mds

  • Dr.Sudhakar Puli

Is your tooth pain becoming unbearable? It might be time for a root canal. Root canal treatment can relieve your discomfort and save your smile. A root canal procedure addresses infection at the center of your tooth. It removes damaged pulp tissue and nerve endings, and then fills and seals the area to prevent further harm. Five signs you may need a root canal include severe throbbing tooth pain, sensitivity to temperature changes, swelling or pus around the gums, darkening of the tooth, or a fractured tooth. Don't suffer through another day of torment or risk losing your tooth. Call now Smile Dental and Implant Centre to schedule an evaluation and find relief through root canal therapy. Our skilled dentists will diagnose your problem and provide instant relief. With a gentle modern root canal, you can goodbye to tooth pain. Smile with confidence again with the help of the best dental clinic near me in AS Rao Nagar, Ecil, Kapra, Sainikpuri, and Dammaiguda Hyderabad. Save your smile and enjoy life free from oral pain again. A root canal can give you back your health, confidence, and ability to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks. For an Appointment call us at +91-7396529265, 9490618635. Location: 1st floor, K Rathod Jewellers, Besides Honey Foods near Kapra Circle, Saket Road- Kapra, Ecil More Info Visit: www.smiledentalandimplantcentre.com/root-canal-treatment/ Check our Google Reviews and Directions: https://g.co/kgs/fpQ8Drz EMI is Available on all #DentalTreatments.