5 ways to combat work burnout and stay on top of your mental health

  • Antonina Ross

For many of us, the COVID pandemic has resulted in great changes to our careers and how we work. The transition, from working remotely to being back in the office, is likely to cause some stress, especially with all the new guidelines and COVID worries – after all, the pandemic sadly isn’t over yet! Globally, workers have reported a significant dip in mental health since the pandemic started in 2019, with double the amount of people reporting that they are finding their mental health extremely challenging. It’s normal to be facing work-related burnout or mental exhaustion during these times, and it’s important that we cut ourselves some slack while reintegrating back into in-person life. Returning to work affects everyone differently and, while it may cause burnout in some, others may feel elated to be back in their previous routine. Read more: https://www.womantowoman.org.uk/5-ways-to-combat-work-burnout-and-stay-on-top-of-your-mental-health/