69 Colebrooke Row

Located on a backstreet in Islington, 69 Colebrooke Row, fondly known as The Bar With No Name, is an institution within the cocktail world, where femmes fatales, doomed heroes, anti-heroes sit alongside those who know to enjoy the finest-crafted cocktails in London. The bar, founded by famed mixed drinks specialist Tony Conigliaro, combines elegance, style and charm to create a 1950s film noir atmosphere.

We created a new identity which reflected everything the bar had become synonymous with.

It is often what is not seen that adds to the mystery and suspense. The bar itself is solely recognisable on the exterior by a lantern (hence the nickname ‘The Bar with No Name’), we felt that this imagery was the perfect representation of the shadowy film noir aesthetic Tony has cultivated in the bar since it’s beginnings.

To coincide with 69 Colebrooke Row’s 5th anniversary and to honour the internationally renowned bar, Tony Conigliaro briefed us to design his book, 69 Colebrooke Row. He wanted us to capture the spirit of the bar, the customers, the staff and his alchemy which goes into every cocktail.

We worked alongside the 69 Colebrooke Row team and designed a book which reflects the atmosphere and personality of the bar, drawing influence from film noir, and in honour of the man himself, paying close attention to the smallest details and eccentricities. At the centre of the book lies a narrative section in which twelve of the cocktails are given a mysterious and intriguing back story.

As Tony says, "the pleasure of drinking in a bar is a pleasure of many kinds. Each of my drinks will tell you a story, if you are willing to hear it."

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    69 Colebrooke Row