For those of you who’ve developed quite a habit out of planning explorations in extreme environments, packing for the 2041 journey will be like packing in your sleep. For the rookies, well that’s a different story.
Not only you’ll have to plan way ahead of the departure, but you’ll be writing and rewriting lists, calculating budget, getting as much information as possible so that as you set foot on the land of destination, any unanticipated situation becomes manageable.
Now that the international team that was selected for this year’s 2041 experience is reaching the 6th day of this unbelievable journey through the wilderness of Antarctica, our desire to join in the next year is growing stronger and stronger. With excitement in mind, we’ve put together 7 pieces of advice that may be essential for survival on the coldest journey.
  1. The layer of clothing next to the skin needs to be soft, comfortable, and breathable. No exception.
  2. If you’re not used to cold weather, extra pairs of socks, extra underwear and extra mittens should be helpful.
  3. Learn how to detect frostbite.
  4. Don’t alienate your GPS and satellite phone. In case you get lost, you’ll be able to detect your location easily.
  5. Inform and train yourself on what you need to do in case of emergency, for example falling through ice. My heart rate rises just writing about it, but there are really good trainings on how to handle such a panicky event as calmly as possible.
  6. Take with you only the recording gear that is essential. Not only you need to narrow down the weight of luggage due to airport restrictions, but it’s best to keep your arctic journey as practical as possible. Maybe leave your tripod, monopod and second lenses at home.
  7. Get a book. Really. If you’re the kind who enjoys immersing into a great storyline, this reading will become a story in itself.
- http://heavennotabove.com/7-pieces-of-advice-before-your-2041-adventure-starts/ -

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