8 LGBTQ Black Figures

  • Chioma Opara

Every year, October is Black History Month in the U.K. But, it is LGBTQ History Month in the U.S. That switches over in February. To showcase how these experiences can intersect, I created spots of 8 Black LGBTQ people that should be in History books.

Willi Ninja (1961 – 2006). An African-American dancer and choreographer. Known as the Godfather of Vogue.
Tracey Norman (1952). An African-American model, known as the first trans model to achieve prominence in fashion.
Rotimi Fani-Kayode (1955 – 1989). A Nigerian photographer. Co-founder of Autograph ABP.
Simon Nkoli (1957 – 1998). A South African anti-apartheid, LGBTQIA and Aids activist.
Marielle Franco (1979 – 2018). A Brazilian politician, feminist, socialist, and human rights activist.
Gladys Bentley (1907 – 1960). An African American blues singer, pianist, and entertainer.
Berto Pasuka (1911-1963). A Jamaican dancer and co-founder of the dance company ‘Les Ballet Negres.’
Area Scatter. A Nigerian-Igbo performer and traditional musician.