A burst of sunshine!

  • Tara Rueanhom

Liunic x H&M collaborated on a joyful children’s clothing line, and I created a sensory immersive escape for children and adults during the school summer holiday. The space was designed to integrate the collection among breakout zones for kids to explore, bringing the playground to the inside! Inspired by Liunic designs, bespoke custom mobiles, vinyl and signages were created for the event and were the key to bringing the escape to life!

As guests hopscotched into the space, they were greeted by kid’s mannequins holding campaign imagery and wearing the collection head to toe. Setting the playful tone of the event, kids had their own creative space where they could wear hand-dyed aprons and draw on some birdhouses with shapes inspired by the collection, an opportunity to explore their creativity- creating the perfect content caption moments.
Drawing on the crafty element of the organic shapes in the collection floral tablescape where florals were emerging out of hand-sprayed vases and placed on frilly hand-dyed tablecloths. Above the table hung mobile dials showing off the patterns in the collection. Behind the table, the same shapes were placed on the glass doors, acting as the perfect backdrop. Styling touches like hand-dyed rope, campaign picket signs, florals and colourful props filled plinths, rails and tables in the space to highlight the collection on display. To ensure the event wasn’t just aesthetically pleasing but also delicious, Buns From Home buns and fresh juices were offered for guests to indulge in.

The event aimed to create a fun children-friendly space to showcase the collaborations and encourage social media content creation!