A classic gaming brand for game developers Ministry

Ministry is an ambitious new gaming company. A team of veteran game developers with a back-to-basics approach to game-play have gained unprecedented support from leading investors, including Index Ventures. They required a brand identity that would portray their focus on great game-play and in-house technology development, as they feel that the current market undervalues both of these key areas. Working closely with the team, we distilled the essence of the company to 'Expertly Engineered Experiences', a nod to their heritage with a focus on building their own tools. The logo was designed to reflect engineering and the playfulness of gaming. Paying homage to gaming’s formative era, the brand identity was brought to life. Ministry announced a seed round unprecedented in the Nordic games industry, raising €1.8m from Index Ventures, Initial Capital, Sunstone Capital and Proxy Ventures. Ministry currently plans to unveil its first game later in 2015.

Ministry feels like gaming and creates 'Expertly Engineered Experiences'

Investor PR, stationery, colour test sheets and a screen print poster, all pay homage to gaming’s formative era

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