A Common Ground - Tate Britain

  • Hamish Johnston
  • Paul Smyth

Whilst working with Something & Son, I was responsible for up keeping of the exhibition 'A Common Ground'. Located on the front lawns on the Tate Britain, the exhibition revolved around food, inviting the public to submit their stories, recipes, histories and memories via a submissions box within the exhibition. Later, these were collected, curated and designed into a short book by myself. On top of this, I designed and distributed flyers advertising our weekly events and maintained other parts of the exhibition such as the fountains and greenhouse, in which we used as an allotment to grow produce. As the exhibition came to an end, we invited people from the local area to attend a meal that was made using the fresh produce we had grown over the past three months. The invites were sent out digitally through social media channels using targeted adverts, mainly focused towards people who would not usually come to the Tate Britain. In doing so we wanted to break the assumption and stereotype of white middle and upperclass people only feeling welcomed within these institutions. Below is some of the work and images of various events that I produced during the time I spent working for Something & Son