A confident new brand for Kruszelnicki Leetch Architects

A new partnership of two established London architects, Kruszelnicki Leetch Architects is the union of shared sensibilities. The practice’s work is sympathetic to its environment, incorporating styles and materials that deliver authenticity in new structures. Kruszelnicki Leetch Architects was established in 2014 and as a design led practice, they recognised the value in establishing a strong brand identity early on. An unusually long name gave us plenty of letters to play with, so we arranged the letters like building blocks to create an architectural frame. Depicted on soft, off-white paper and metallic ink, the identity is inline with the subtlety of their design philosophy. Kruszelnicki Leetch Architects have embarked on several new projects and entered competitions, proudly sporting their new identity.

Silver metallic ink was used on the stationery

Soft and warm uncoated stock complements the logo form

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    Kruszelnicki Leetch Architects