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An individual looking to raise levels of consciousness and put across worldly perceptions via an amass of visual, literary and sensory artistic projects.
I am recent first-class history graduate from the University of Warwick, but I don’t feel as though this defines who I am! I instead have spent the last six years writing screenplays and stageplays, drafting an early copy of a novel, directing shorts, creating yearly moodboards, getting to grips with the post-production editing process, all in attempt to put across perceptions I hold of the world. Most of these have been kept private for I have not had the platform to demonstrate my artistic vision! My central project over the last year has been a visual stream-of-conscious, answering the question over whether university deprives individuals of their creative pursuits. I constantly look to learn from my environment, so I am looking for an opportunity to apply my creative skills at a company which admires and focuses an individual’s passion.
SELF - reflection.
These moodboards see a collection of articles, cuttings and self-created journals pieced togther to encapsulate thoughts and attitudes. The following images were put together across a four year period
An exerpt from my novel in progress, 'Life on the Road'
With our bodies recovering from the paralysis of heavy contemplation, I imagined this was a shot I could draw inspiration from for the film. ‘Two characters exhausted by the nights events stare introspectively into the starry sky. The sound of their breathing normalizing fills the black screen.’ Yes, perfect I thought to myself. I’d have to remember that one. I asked Faber what he thought of it and he hummed an approval of sort. With neither of us bothered by our pressing schedule I closed my eyes hoping to awaken in the van and back on the road.
Screenshots from my stageplay 'Laugh All You Like'
Laugh All You Like is a gameshow where contestants compete for the opportunity to win the prize of their choice. This weeks episode sees an Alzheimer's patient up against a girl looking for fame and an elder lady aiming to win a body modification operation.
Screenshots from 'Easystreet to Hooverville'
This feature length script looks at the struggles and racial tension of growing up in Depression hit America. We follow the life of Charlie as he seeks to become a Blues musician within an industry of lies, decept and racism.
Screenshots from 'The Derby'
Curtis and Rain are two stoners looking to make a name for themselves in Chicago. The action weaves in and out of the downtown arcade as morals, values and friendship are put to the test against a backdrop of turbulent pop culture.

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Samir Modi

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