A Curiosity That Kills

The Brief: To design and develop self-promotional branding.

The Concept: With an eclectic mix of interests it was hard to identify one feature that defines me as part of a concept. Brainstorming multiple ideas I decided to base my branding concept around a personal trait rather than my taste preference. This is how I came to develop a perception of my own natural curiosities.

Execution: Promotional Branding.

Creative Direction: "Curiosity Killed The Cat", my graphic interpretation of the phrase is designed to portray a comic-book inspired death of the cat. My creative concept was to personify 'Curiosity' as if it was its own character - as if I was Curiosity.

The design of the card sees a cross-over between old Bicycle playing cards, and the modern adaptations of these, and traditional tarot cards. Preferring illustrative over minimal compositions I allowed my taste to dictate the development of the final design outcome. The bold graphic design not only references my artistic preferences but hints towards external interests such as my love for Marvel comics (Yes I'm a little geeky!). Acknowledging the hierarchy of importance when creating graphics I kept the back minimal, with the motif cropped on the right hand side for decorative composition, displaying the necessary contact details as main focus.

But why Courtney Rubbles? This is a cockney nickname my dad gave to me as I was growing up, which to this day has stuck. Being a home bird at heart I wanted to use a personal alias to brand my work.

Team Credits

Courtney Norman

  • Freelance Trend Forecaster and Creative Communicator


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Courtney Norman
Freelance Trend Forecaster and Creative Communicator