A Star Wars Story - Fans of the Force

  • Harry Rose

A Star Wars Story is an ongoing body of work exploring the world of Star Wars, from the fans who love the movies and franchise, to those who have played a part in making and building the Star Wars universe. From set designers, actors, droid builders, artists, animators and creators. A Star Wars Story will focus on the lives who've been impacted by the world George Lucas created on a personal and professional way. Star Wars is loved by millions around the world, and its everlasting message of hope, family, good, evil and redemption are as old as time. A Star Wars story will explore all of these unique stories in a 9 part body of work to coincide with the 9 movie Skywalker Saga. Starting with Fans of the Force, which explores the world of cosplay and the fans who spend time and creativity into creating their own costumes, characters and communities. Creative concept copyright of Harry Rose