A Tale of Fashion Alchemy

  • Marco Fazio
  • Wayne Smith

In 2018 we were appointed by Campari UK, to produce creative photography and short video contents for Grand Marnier, one of their brands. We pledged to deliver: • A concept and creative ideas; • Visual identity: photography style, mood and lighting, colour palette; • Still images and video contents featuring brand ambassadors as “alchemists” in their industries, spacing from mixology to art and fashion. Our mandate included all the aspects in producing a visual campaign, from set design, logistics and location selection, model casting, art direction and image post-production.

Credits & Acknowledgements
photography & production // Marco Joe Fazio
filmmaking // Bradley Dove-Dixon
art direction // Benedicte Arora
set & props styling // Harriet Porter
key scenic // Ken Curl
fashion styling // Martha Welles
hairstyling // Dar Barot
make-up // Fanny Burgos
1st assistant photographer // Marian Alonso
assistant photographer // Wayne Maurice Smith
set & props assistant // Rae Howard
wardrobe assistant // Sophie Dampier-Jeans
hairstyle assistant // Daniel Rachev
acrobatic rigging // Edward Gosling
acrobats // Jackie Le, Anna McDonnell, Will Davis
models // Mei-Li Burnside, Sara D’Ettorre, Marleen Mathews, Rachel Joy
cocktail alchemist // Victor Arguello Maggiolo spirit alchemist & consultant // Stefano Chilà
a special thanks to Bryn Griffiths and Adam Cooper for their technical support on medium format cameras