A timeless contribution to sustainability

Buy Better. Wear Longer.


Made to last.

Levi’s, known for their durability and staying power, have been a wardrobe staple for generations. This legacy of longevity is not only timeless; it is a timeless contribution to sustainability.


A lifetime of their own.

AKQA and production company Megaforce turned this unchanging truth of longevity into an emotive tale, telling the visual story of a single pair of 501 Levi’s® as they gracefully age from the 1960s to the present day. The 501s are the icon in every passing story, transforming with each new owner and finding a new purpose.


Enduring and endearing.

The breadth of storytelling lends to an accurate, compelling and emotionally gratifying journey for the viewer. The time-spanning storyline that passes through seven stages of the product’s progression of wear – aging, fading and tearing aided by Levi’s Innovation Lab – consciously connects classic comfort with sustainable style.
The short film featured across digital, social and out of home platforms, and was the hero in AKQA’s broadcast spot, allowing sustainability to be reimagined, resonant and within reach.

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