A trustworthy, reassuring brand for My Health Pal

My Health Pal provides a platform for people with chronic conditions to manage their health and help others by anonymously donating their data for research. In return, a share of the revenues their data generates is given to scientific research institutions and charities supporting research and care. After being diagnosed with Parkinson's, Mike Barlow founded the company out of a direct need. My Health Pal aims to become the world’s leading player in this arena and needed a new brand that portrays a dependable company worth trusting with your critical health data. We created the brand proposition, ‘Take control and help others’, which now guides everything from product design to marketing. We also developed a light, effortless brand identity system that’s based on clear, trustworthy Swiss typography and embraces the visual language of healthcare. We then worked with their in-house design team to craft the app’s interface and icons. My Health Pal is currently being piloted to monitor Parkinson’s disease at Mount Sinai Movement Disorder Clinic, under the direction of Professor Steven Frucht and Assistant Professor Ritesh Ramdhani.

‘Take control and help others’ is a clear brand purpose that will act as a guiding light for years to come

The My Health Pal logo combines lightness and reliability, and looks like it has been around for years

The My Health Pal identity system uses Swiss typography, friendly iconography and a soothing modern palette

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