‘A [WO]man’s Home Is Her Castle’

  • Rio Blake

Team Credits Creative Direction and Photography - Rio Blake Art Direction and Model- Tia O’Donnell Styling - Kami Jogee Hair and Make Up - Hawa Abdallah As the age old saying goes, 'a man's home is his castle,' but in our collaborative editorial series crafted exclusively by a team of talented women, we find it imperative to redefine this notion. For artists, from the very genesis of their creative journey, the spaces they inhabit become an intimate canvas, reflecting their practices and bearing the indelible marks of growth over time. In this regard, we assert that a woman's castle is often epitomised by her bedroom, particularly so for those with an artistic inclination. Our admiration for Tia's work led us to curate a series that encapsulates her artistic odyssey, achieved by fostering an environment where she can effortlessly remain authentic and show off her creative workspace. In what ways can women redefine femininity with creative empowerment? R - ‘ I think women redefine femininity by allowing themselves ultimate freedom. This includes within social spaces as well as their creative and professional endeavours. Ultimately matey, I think women can only ‘tap in’ to their true feminine energy when they feel safe and secure. T - ‘Gender equality would be a good place to start. More women being at the top, being behind the camera and equal pay. These are just a few things that hinder a full woman’s potential in the creative industry. Using these set backs as lady fuel to load up the truck and drive with the pedal flawed. I believe in tearing down the gender stereotypes and redefining what femininity means. As a female artist I have learnt quickly that it’s a tough industry straight off the bat, simply because I was born with a vagina. Instead of letting the patriarchal society make me hate myself for being the owner of a vagina, I embrace the ironic fact that society would be nowhere without vagina.’ K -‘The idea of femininity that is most prevalent in our collective consciousness has been shaped by the patriarchal society in which we live. I think when women interpret femininity through creative endeavours, it is reimagined into something else. Something that may not fit the conventional narrative, but something that is more honest, truthful and reflective of the female experience.’ H -‘Women can redefine femininity with creative empowerment by fearlessly challenging societal norms and expectations. Embrace your authenticity, as a powerful force that dismantles outdated stereotypes. Let your art, be a medium through which you paint stories of rebellion. By embracing the boundless possibilities of self-expression, you showcase the beauty of individuality. Unapologetically express your desires, dreams, and ambitions, defying any limitations imposed upon you.’ Do you think the creative scene does enough to empower creatives who are women? R - ‘ I’d say female empowerment is all about individual choice and allowing women to think independently about the decisions that are best for themselves. Inclusion within creative spaces is definitely getting better slowly, however I feel theres still a lot of work to be done in terms of women having roles of leadership, and being able to rise to the top of their creative field in comparison to their male counterparts. ‘ T- ‘ I am proud to say that I am part of this generation that is very heavy on the female empowerment especially in the creative industry. There are many female lead collectives that are inclusive. I believe the only way to feed the creative scene is to collaborate and combine as much as possible. Coming together on this shoot has shown me just how easy it is to put something beautiful together and meet truly inspiring individuals. How I like to envision the future of the female creative scene is like pass the parcel, but in this version the music never stops.’ K - ‘2. I think it could definitely do more. There is no getting away from the fact that the creative canon is dominated by men. One positive is that I think more people are starting to realise this, and so important/ necessary conversations are beginning to be had. This is certainly progress, and in the field of film in particular, more female directors are beginning to come to the forefront. Across the board however, a lot more work needs to be done. The industry needs to become less intimidating and more welcoming to female voices’ H - ‘- The creative scene's true empowerment lies not in merely asking if it has done enough for women creatives but in actively seeking ways to break barriers, shatter glass ceilings, and create a transformative landscape of equal opportunities. Whilst strides are continually being made, there’s definitely work to be done. Often times, you have to be the change you want to see. As you rise in female empowerment individually, you pave the path for others to break free from conformity, shaping a world where femininity knows no boundaries, only endless possibilities.’ https://www.originalmagazine.uk/a-womans-home-is-her-castle-rio-blakex-tia-odonnell-x-kami-jogee-x-hawa-abdallah