ABCLGBTQIA+ Project: FOX Life Portugal

  • Ana Oliveira
  • Laura Mariana

Being a part of the Creative Team at The Walt Disney Company meant I had the opportunity to witness creative campaigns being built from scratch. ABCLGBTQIA+, created for Pride Month, was my favourite. The ABCLGBTQIA+ project, a collaboration between FOX Life and the ILGA Portugal Association, makes the meaning of 36 words around the LGBTQIA+ community available for free download in various formats (static, audio and video), so that they can be used for the most diverse purposes, by any person or institution, anywhere in the world. The goal is to give the project as wide a scope as possible and thus inform as many people as possible around the world. You can find it at Besides the website, this project had many other assets such as billboards, social media posts, youtube videos and print ads. My Role Assisting the Production Coordinator, I was able to participate in the briefing and contribute to the initial brainstorm. During the project, I did various tasks to assist the creative team such as: Proofreading and watching the 36 words in various formats (30" videos or teasers for social media), created by video producers. Delivering them to the Marketing Department and summarising the feedback Managing the bridge between the sound studio and the video editors, making sure the voice overs were delivered on time