ABSOLUT vodka, a client for many years, asked us to launch, in the UK, their new LIMITED EDITION bottle. Resembling a cut glass decanter, our task was to ‘MAKE THE PRESENT EXCEPTIONAL’. We devised a 4 city ‘tour’, finding an array of unusual locations. Members of the public were invited, via a marketing campaign to spend an evening, making the present exceptional. Individuals were taken from the amassed crowd, away from their friends and their comfort zone and ‘pushed’ through a journey, a series of rooms, each one housing a very particular experience.... 5000 people experienced the events.

“It was creative, bold, daring, original, different, challenging, out of and beyond the ordinary, fun, sociable, enjoyable and edgy. It was a really bold undertaking - and it’s fantastic that so many people enjoyed it. Our greatest thanks for all your creativity, hard work and of course, commitment to the cause”
Mark Hamilton
Global Marketing Director