• Latisha Campbell

Abundance PR is a fashion, lifestyle, marketing and events agency created as part of my final major project at university. I aim to continue this business within the next 5-6 years. The purpose of me starting up this agency, was a gateway for me to understand the fundamental value of what it takes to be an entrepreneur, to knowledge myself on taking a managerial role and the industry itself. This will help benefit me when the time comes to start financially investing in to the business, post graduation. I have produced multiple outcomes regarding my project, from a business plan to a marketing report, a website and many more. Amidst the inevitable Covid-19 affecting us creative students, I completed a high quality project with limited resources. which has turned out to be the most successful out of my three years of studying. Visit Abundance PR website: https://abundancepr.cargo.site/ I hope you enjoying looking at my project.