Abuse of Power Trailer

  • Phoebe Shannon-Fagan
  • Ole Henrik Henriksen

Podcast trailer for Abuse of Power

Link to Project: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCtJxhgHU7H/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
Abuse of Power identifies and discusses the various ways in which law enforcement and the justice system have victimised the very people they are supposed to protest: us. 
Award-winning journalist and criminal defense attorney, Sonya Pfeiffer, and her husband and law partner, David Rudolf, scrutinize this abuse by spotlighting ten cases across ten episodes in which law enforcement misconduct within the justice system resulted in the imprisonment of innocent people. Featuring exclusive interviews with those directly involved in each case – including defendants, lawyers, experts and family members – Sonya and @davidrudolf7249 dive deep into each case, providing listeners with an overview of the abuse that occurred, while also highlighting the fallout and showcasing the untold stories of those impacted by the abuses of law enforcement within the criminal justice system. 

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