Action For Children Charity Fundraiser Event (Crackin' Easter Fair)

During my 2nd year at university, I stuided modules based on creating and designing experiences and event delivery. In groups, we had to come up with an event idea. We were given £100 to start us off from University which we had to return at the end of the event. Any profits made were to go towards a fund for event students to use in future, but if you created a charity event you were allowed to give a proportion of profits to charity. ​ Our event was an Easter themed Craft Fair called Crackin' Easter Fair in association with Glasgow Caledonian University's 25th anniversary and is in aid of Action for Children Scotland. We felt that a craft fair would be a brilliant way to celebrate the anniversary of the university as it will bring both students and staff together. Furthermore, we believed it was important to use small Glasgow based businesses and entrepreneurs as this event would provide them marketing and networking opportunities for the future. As project manager, I was responsible for chairing the group and project overall. My role was to oversee all aspects of the event, from organising craft stalls to sourcing raffle prizes. I also had a responsibility to work separately with each group member on their specific area and role. The event preparation began in week 3 of Trimester B and the final event was run on Tuesday 27th March 2018 between 11am and 4pm in the Hamish Wood Foyer of Glasgow Caledonian University. Fifteen stall holders were confirmed one week prior to the event, with a variety of stalls including handmade jewellery, homemade cakes and bakery and handmade arts and crafts. At the event we also had a large raffle, a prize draw for a signed Scotland Rugby top and mini Easter themed competitions. The event was well attended due to it being run in University and many students being about. We received great feedback and got a great result. We made a fab profit of over £1000, and successfully returned the £100 to GCU, with half the remaining profits going to AFC and half going into a Uni fund for future students.


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