#ACTLOCAL Campaign

#actlocal is a campaign which aims to promote action on the importance of supporting local and independent businesses. We began this campaign in Bristol, to showcase a city which is leading by example. Already widely known for its support of independents and shopping locally, Bristol offered a great starting ground.

We launched a call out online and in print around the city. To start the campaign we offered up to 20 local businesses a chance to be part of our #actlocal documentary. It showcased Bristol’s best loved and undiscovered independents & small businesses, promoting what they do best. This was then shared with the world, reaching 1000’s of people over the country and was featured in The Guardian, The Bristol Post and Bristol Life.

Our aim is uncover the people and passion behind these businesses to bring home to people what a difference it makes by supporting them. We want to eventually illustrate how important it is to #actlocal all over the UK.

We followed the #actlocal campaign with a city-wide Christmas campaign reminding people to shop local & independent at this important time for small businesses - #ActLocalChristmas.

Based on the success of these campaigns we are now looking at making #actlocal become more permanent by integrating it into the city of Bristol through an interactive platform - stay posted!