Addison's Disease: Infographic for

  • Darcy Keverian

In my latest infographic, I wanted to raise awareness and shed light on a condition that I am unfortunate enough to have myself - along with another approximated 1 in 100,000 people of the population *�� statistics Addisons Disease A rare autonomic nervous system based disorder which is a sub type of Dysautonomia. This condition disables and destroys the QOL for so many, by means of the body being unable to efficiently and effectively produce aldosterone and cortisol via the adrenal glands - two essential hormones for regulation and function of the body in regards to digestion, circulation, fight-flight response, cognitive function and so much more Please share my infographic to your stories, to your friends and on relevant social media platforms to highlight and bring awareness to this condition, which is still so sorely misunderstood by both the general population and the medical community alike Created by @darcychedolce of BSc Psychology and Clinical Neuroscience graduate, artist and creative director