The 'CREATING OUR SOCIETY' campaign captures my perception of  the general public around me and trust it could advance on the off chance that we quit passing by the principles society has made and concentrate on the realities.  Model Direction: My model choice for this project depended on the match up I needed to make in light of the thoughts I had. I needed somebody that could visualize the idea and synchronize with it.  Lothario is a recording artiste, writer, artist, and model. As exceptional writer, he thought of review for the project, expressing how he sees society. Style Direction: Adidas is turning into an endless culture not only a mold mark. It was the ideal style I could adjust with this project as it grasps youth strengthening and culture.  Creative Direction: It simply focuses on the aesthetics surrounding the Adidas brand. It captures the model in a solitude state, happiness, and motion.
Editor in Chief, Photographer, Stylist Majeek Ayo Daniel/ Model, Words Lothario (@majeekdaniel, @loticansing)
Suburban Agency 2017.

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