Adnams - D&AD Blood Award Entry 2019

  • Eleanor Evans
  • Monika Sai

For my creative planning unit, we had to use a brief off the D&AD blood awards and produce a creative brief for our chosen target audience and an execution of what have done. This was my favourite unit in second year as I feel that the creative side of advertising is my strongest, therefore this unit I tried my absolute hardest to show this. Out of 12 groups in the class 4 were picked and paid for by the university to enter for the competition.​​​​​​​ As it was creative planning, I decided I only wanted to work a maximum of two people, creativity is unique for everyone and I found that the more people are in a group the more an idea can be narrowed down into a straight line, a lot of industries are like this as the creative team is made up of an Art director and a copy writer so this was the format my team member and I took. Out of all the briefs, we found Adnams the most interesting, this was because they were a smaller brand and had such lovely ethics about them, we felt they had so much to show but were not promoting it right. We produced research on the brand and recognised how many awards they have won in their other categories other than beer such as their gins, we also tried the alcohol ourselves and got an idea of what we thought of them.

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    Bournemouth University