ADOBE AT OFFF FESTIVAL BRANDING 2017 I was contacted by the EMEA Adobe Marketing team to design the visual Imagery campaign for Adobe’s presence at OFFF 2017 creative festival in Barcelona at Museo del Disseny. OFFF festival has become one of the most popular creative and design event across Europe, with more than 5.000 attendees from all over the world. The main task was to develop a bold visual imagery to be used for the campaign on different applications as well as design the actual stands for Adobe at the festival, with two main different areas where participants could explore new senses with Adobe, making their experience at the festival unique and memorable.​​​​​​ CONCEPTS, SKECTHES & MOODBOARDS The goal was to create a creative and inspiring imagery, keeping in mind that all the areas had to be different and varied but feel as part of a single piece all together taking as the north star the main key visual we developed. The references that DR Digital Agency, the agency in charge of the art direction, used for the style and art direction was a colorful, tactile and bold graphic… kind of memphis style. The main stand at the entrance hall, Adobe Experience Lounge, was divided in 5 different areas, where people could get inspired and create their own alter ego on a paper toy using Adobe Creative Cloud applications, print it, cut it, build it and capture it in the sets designs for the occasion and share it on social. Also they could experience what it’s like designing Moritz beer labels with hovering art directors, print them and take them home as a nice OFFF commemorative. The area on the lower floor was focused on workshops, where people could take part in different workflows with several Adobe tools hosted by Adobe and creatives professionals from around the world. CREDITS: Client: Adobe EMEA Agency: DR Digital Agency