Adtralza Patient Support

Care beyond the skin.


LEO Pharma has over 110 years of expertise in developing innovative care solutions and holistic programmes.

Worldwide, an estimated 20% of children and 3% of the adult population are affected by eczema. Many follow treatment plans which can be challenging to adhere to, including administrating Adtralza via injection to reduce inflammation and improve skin condition.


An experience designed around patients’ daily life.

The My LEO Pharma app gives guidance and support to succeed with treatment. It advises people when and how to administer medication and enables rashes, stress, sleep and nutrition to be tracked.
The journal allows patients to keep track of treatment progress which can be shared with doctors. The app also enables photos of skin texture to be captured and documented for later comparison.
The data visualises patterns in the patient’s lifestyle on a simple timeline so that the overview of the road to healthier skin becomes clear and straightforward.


Daily adherence boosted.

Launched in line with a new Adtralza® product in Germany, the free app has been downloaded by almost all patients who are now using it daily. Based on this success, the app is being updated with new services and will be introduced in more countries.

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