Advertising Association - Brand Refresh

  • Nadia Lupton
  • Danielle Tallon

The Advertising Association came to HexStudio needing a refresh on their brand identity and creation of a new website, to make them the go-to hub for all UK advertising’s industry news, research and events. We looked to elevate rather than redesign; and create a distinctive yet familial identity that worked across all their platforms and partners. Our workshops allowed us to realign and simplify the Advertising Association’s focus: - A need to focus on members and less on the government bodies as their audience - Create a brand that celebrates the creative industry it presents - Create a hub focused on the industry and potential talent

The insights gained from the workshop enabled us to transform the beloved A into a signifier representing a window into the heart of the advertising industry. Showcasing inspirational people, captivating photography and world renowned adverts.

It also allowed us to develop 4 guiding principles for the master brand and sub-brands to revolve around. Each principle has its own graphic devices and colour palette that can be used to express its particular values.
- Art Direction
- Brand Identity
- Brand Positioning
- Graphic Design
- Animation