To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re putting the spotlight on some of the most inspiring women in the creative industries on The Dots.

Over the rest of the week, we’ll be highlighting their work, thoughts on what it means to them to be in the creative industries, their inspirations, aspirations, iconic role models and sage words of advice.

Next up, we have Emma Perkins, Executive Creative Director at MullenLowe Open & co-creator of Token Man.
What does it mean to you to be female and in the creative industries?

I am thankful everyday that I do the job I always dreamed of doing. To be surrounded by creative people. To spend your days having iIdeas. 20 years in the industry and as one of the 3%, I’m aware that the equality discussion continues to need ‘Deeds not Words’. When I find myself the only senior woman in the discussion, that’s when I’m most aware that I have a perspective that can change everything.

Do you have words of wisdom for other women looking to break into the industry?

Build your network, the connections you make and the advice you can access are invaluable. Culture mentors, in fact get yourself a board of mentors, and use their time wisely. Be generous. Take time each day to do something for others that doesn’t benefit you. Don’t mimic the agencies and work in annuals you respect. Spend your time looking at what influences and inspires the people and work you admire. Find the fuel for your creativity. Lack of time outside of work kills creativity. Set boundaries, protect your time fiercely, make time for what makes you a creative person to retain your creative spark. Do things outside your comfort zone. The scariest things I’ve put myself forward for have been the best things.

Who is your all time female creative icon?

Maya Angelou, for her powerful writing that I reference every day. Anita Roddick, one of the most creative people in business. Who showed us all that business can be a powerful force for good.

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