Affirmative Attitudes In Portrait Shows People To Treat Each Other Right

This is my final work on Academy of Fine arts. A self-portrait with words and all the little things that makes me me. It’s still in progress but soon will be done. Acrylic on canvas, 170 x 100 cm. “The face is the auto carriage of someone’s life. Without need to intensify this or by attracting attention to it, there are many things that tell about who this person is and what her life experiences are “Chuck Close
With this work, I want to present a story without speaking about it, actually I want people explore this story from the thumbnails and texts I have chosen.
Painting 2 – Here I just started to paste the text
Painting 3- At this stage, one half of the background was done
Painting 4 -I began to write the words and attitudes I wanted to pass on the viewers. There’s still much to work
Painting 5 – here I added some color in the background for some depth in painting. Almost done
In today's teaching process, the educational aspect of teaching is almost completely neglected and is not enough to develop affirmative attitudes. Researching affirmative attitudes in subject of the Visual art has included the educational aspect in teaching. This research work wanted to examine how many students are aware of the events around them and how to encourage them to adopt a more positive attitude toward life. The research was conducted through six school hours and examined a different problem each time. With this research students could think about their actions, whether they were positive or negative, and learned to deal with others the way they want others to deal with them. They also learned how to look positively on any negative event. Students have realized that everything through which we pass, makes our personality and from all of that we need to learn something and take what we think is best for us. This research relates to the development of the student's personality and within that is its usefulness. It is considered that the creation and development of affirmative attitudes could contribute to the maximum development of the positive-autonomous-creative possibilities of the participants of the educational process that represent the result, but also the possibility of further human emancipation. By encouraging affirmative attitudes in teaching subject of the Visual art, we can influence the negative attitudes of students and replace them with positive beliefs that are beneficial to their better quality future.
-Sara Stojanac, Affirmative attitudes in subject of the Visual art

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